What Is a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje?

By way of introduction to this little-known breed with a strange-sounding name (ne-der-land-se koy-ker-hondt-chuh), we will offer  you a short language lesson in Dutch.

Hamlet and Elsie

Hamlet and Elsie

A “kooi” is a duck trap, used by hunters along the canals in the Netherlands. A “kooiker” is a duck hunter who uses such a trap. A “hond” is a hound or dog; “je” is an affectionate suffix meaning small.  “Nederlandse” of course refers to The Netherlands, the breed’s country of origin.

Thus, the kooikerhondje is the small dog from The Netherlands who works with the hunter who uses the trap! For more information about this elaborate hunting method, visit our Dutch Endenkooi slide show.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes (sometimes called Dutch Decoy Dogs) appear in history as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, but did not become an officially recognized breed in Europe until 1966.

They are only now gaining recognition and visibility in North America thanks to their dedicated fans.

Our site is full of useful information regarding the kooikerhondje breed, our individual dogs Hamlet, Elsinore, Yorick, Bianca, and Rosalind, and our litters. Our web site is blog-based, with updated blogs about individuals listed in the menu on the left. For general information, visit the pages listed in the menu at the top.

Enjoy browsing our site and contact us if you would like to know more about our plans for future pups. Please note that Rosewood is a small hobby kennel and breeds infrequently, and that kooiker pups are expensive and difficult to find.

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The Artist's Family, Jan Steen, c.1663 - courtesy of Web Gallery of Art
The Artist’s Family, Jan Steen, c.1663
Courtesy of Web Gallery of Art

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