Hamlet’s Bio and Pedigree

Hamlet, two years, 16.25 in. (41.23 cm.) 28 lbs.

Hammie left

Hamlet left profile, two years.

Taga’s Quarto-Hamlet, Prince of Denmark answers to Hamlet or Hammie. He was born on June 28, 2001 in Denmark. He’s a quick study in obedience, and eager, eager, eager to please. Although Elsie annoys him to distraction sometimes, he is generally a quiet, laid back young prince and doesn’t take himself too seriously. How could he, with those freckles?

After unsuccessful attempts to breed Hamlet, he was discovered to be infertile. This appears to be a random occurrence, and is not due to health or hereditary issues. There have been no fertility studies done on kooikerhondjes. He was neutered in 2005 and is unavailable as a stud dog, and all of his excellent qualities are retired from the kooiker gene pool!

To read more about Hamlet, visit here.

Taga’s Quarto-Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

AKC reg. SR36054001

UKC reg. R153-856

DOB June 28, 2001
Hamlet and the Bergamasco
Sire: Corak Urjette v. MuskyteiraS: Boris-Timmy V.D. Hemke HoeveS: Boris V. Rietwijk
D: Saartje
D: Urjette Coranne V. MuskyteiraS: Dodo
D: Coranne Omaira V.D. Stam Dolerna
Dam: Taga’s ErikaS: Taga’s GinoS: Taga’s Brutus Of Tjemme
D: Taga’s Abby Of Rakker
D: Taga’s Joy A JulieS: Taga’s Andy Of Rakker
D: Franziska De Princespioen

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