Baptista “Elby”

Notes from the family of Baptista Minola, call name “Elby”, upper state New York

8 weeks/2 months

Elby's photo album

Well it’s been a fast week and he seems to be adjusting just fine. He’s doing quite well at potty training and is starting to show his true colors, quite

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Balthasar “Harley”

Balthasar/Harley from his home in California

3 months

Harley's photo album

Harley is doing GREAT. He did great on the flight home and made himself at home right away. He’s a perfect addition. We went to the vet today and got great marks. He’s weighing in at 14.7 lbs. He’s liking

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From the home of Brannigan, living in Massachusetts

Brannigan's photo album

4 months

Brannigan is growing so quickly! He got his rabies shot last week at 17 weeks and weighed in at 21 pounds – it seems like I have to let his collar out every week.

Brannigan is always happy and

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Benvolio / Beni

Benvolio/Beni, from his home in Massachusetts

3 months

Beni is doing wonderfully – very sweet, very active and growing by the second. He has changed the dynamics of our house, that is for sure!

1 year

Beni's photo album

Since it’s his one year birthday, we decided to celebrate a bit. And this included

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Jorie’s Dog Blog–Bianca

Bianca, from her home in Georgia

Bianca's photo album

3.5 months

Bianca is doing very well. She and Ochie are best of buds now. This afternoon I found them sleeping in a patch of sunshine on the kitchen floor, Bianca cuddled right up next to Ochie. I went for the camera but

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Bel Canto / Rookie

Bel Canto "Rookie" Two years, 43 lbs.

Rookie's photo album

October 12, 2010: Two years, 9 Months.

We have come to the conclusion that Rookie is not a hunter and will never be a hunter. He HATES to go to the cabin, and if he is there will not venture very

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Litter B Puppies Grown Up! Click on the pictures for more information about each dog.

Balthazar or “Harley”

Harley lives with Susan Ousterhout in Oakland, California.

Harley April 2009

Baptista Minola or “Elby”

Elby lives with Dave and Wendy Pavlus in Skaneateles, New York.

Elby at two years

Baroness von Bianca AKC SR49291602

Bianca lives with Jorie Nussbaum in Statesboro, Georgia. She is one of Rosewood’s breeding females.

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Jorie’s Dog blog-Bianca Photos

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