Baptista “Elby”

Notes from the family of Baptista Minola, call name “Elby”, upper state New York

8 weeks/2 months

Elby's photo album

Elby's photo album

Well it’s been a fast week and he seems to be adjusting just fine. He’s doing quite well at potty training and is starting to show his true colors, quite an adventurer. He would like to play with the cat but the cat isn’t quite ready yet, right now he’s trying to help type. He launches himself off the couch like a retriever and managed stairs by his third day. He does extremely well in his crate but didn’t like being left in the kitchen . . . and howled all night, a tip from my son who has dogs said to put him in his crate in our bedroom and he was great, sleeps from 11 to 6 without a peep, amazing. . . . Our son and daughter-in-law came over with our youngest grandson, Case, and they had a great time. The dog was really good with him, very patient.

4.5 months

He is growing into quite the brash teenager. He loves the car and travels very well. . . . His coat is becoming quite remarkable, as much of the white he had as a puppy is becoming very freckled, quite attractive. He truly loves life, respects the cat (actually, he quite often runs the other way) I think there might have been an altercation when he was younger. He is enjoying the lake now that it is warming up a little but doesn’t like for his feet to leave the bottom yet. I’m sure once we’re all swimming this summer he’ll join in, mostly because he hates not to be included!

He goes to a pond near work most nice days for lunch and loves the social life, quite a chick magnet (ah to be 40 years younger). Everyone loves his “bunny” fur. Interesting to watch him and the ducks, there must be something to his heritage, the ducks are fascinated with him and he doesn’t bark.

14.5 months

I have to say that by and large he is everything we expected. The pros are he travels great, loves his crate, seldom barks unless he feels threatened and chases his rubber balls like a demon possessed. The cons are he is quite reserved and timid and takes a while to warm up to adults although he loves kids. He gets along with most other dogs at the parks but seems somewhat aloof with them also and would rather play with his ball which is OK by me.

He just went to the vets for his yearly checkup and she said everything was fine with him, he seems to be a healthy, happy dog . . . he gets a tremor in his front legs sometimes (something to do with the ligaments) and his front feet are still splayed out as they were when he was a puppy, neither of which should be a physical problem for him. . . .

In the end we feel he’s just the right dog for us and couldn’t be happier.

1 year 9 months

Its been a while so I thought I would drop a line to let you know how Elby’s summer went. He seemed to come of age a bit this summer and once the water warmed up he started to really enjoy it, not to the degree of a retriever but as long as he was after one of his balls there was no end to where he would go. . . . It’s a joy to watch his enthusiasm for life. We took a few weeks and went to the outer banks, NC where he loved the beach and the sand but was not fond of the salt water at all. He’s such a great traveler and we’ll be headed to Va for thanksgiving with some of the kids and grand kids. He has a healthy respect for adults but loves kids unconditionally, I think he thinks they all come with rubber balls to play with him. After that, home for Christmas with all 6 children, spouses, grandchildren and relatives. Really looking forward to it and Elby loves all the excitement, then we will be traveling back to Florida for RR and relief from the winter cold.


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