From the home of Brannigan, living in Massachusetts

Brannigan's photo album

Brannigan's photo album

4 months

Brannigan is growing so quickly! He got his rabies shot last week at 17 weeks and weighed in at 21 pounds – it seems like I have to let his collar out every week.

Brannigan is always happy and loves to play with people and other dogs. I’ve been taking Remy and him for walks together several times a week and it’s been interesting to watch their relationship evolve. Brannigan tries so hard to emulate the things that Remy does, such as chasing birds and marking trees. Remy has grown more tolerant, but still occasionally disciplines Brannigan. . . .

8 months

This evening I took a walk in the rain with an enchanting couple and their delightful little girls. They were interested in acquiring a Kooiker puppy and wanted to know about the breed. I brought my little angel and extolled the virtues of the breed. Had I remembered, I would have told the tale of the ancient hound that saved Prince William of Orange.

All this puffery was obviously too much for Brannigan. I now show you the true character of the Kooiker. Be forewarned.

Brannigan's photo album

The Perpetrator

The Evidence

The Evidence

– Steve

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