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I-Ron, Stud Dog for Litter C

PEDIGREE FOR I-RON UKC CH I-Ron Ravenswood vom Wichtelhaus DOB 18 Sept. 2007 Sire: Whisper Knut v.h. RunxputtehofS: Racy Tigger v.h. RunxputtehofS: Nyarr Scooter Urjette v. Muskyteira D: Floortje v.d. Stam Dolerna D: Pearly Antje v.h. RunxputtehofS: Nino Noika v. Dyjadin D: Lucky Leentje v.h. Runxputtehof Dam: Dagira Renskje van EenthuisS: Matthijs Tommie v.d.

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Born

At around 1:30 I heard the unmistakable cry of a newborn puppy and found that Bianca had quietly and secretly settled herself on the comforter in Ochie’s kennel and had given birth to her first puppy. Quickly I pulled out the birthing equipment, stationed it in the living room where there would be plenty of

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies on the Way

Bianca expecting puppies–album

I thought you would appreciate an update on Bianca … absolutely nothing is happening. Well, sort of. She is growing by the day and showing just a tiny bit of milk. I am now taking her to work with me so I can earn money and watch her every move. It

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Joyce’s Dog blog-Elsie album

Knowing that, like many Kooikerhondjes, Elsie is agile and surefooted, we have tried rock climbing.

Elsie's rock climbing album