Jorie’s Dog Blog-Happy New Year!

Home Crate

When one chooses to love, one also chooses by default, to let go. That is the inconvenient detail, the fine print that seems so inconsequential in the beginning and so ominous in the end. It is almost time for me to let go; Bianca’s puppies have reached six weeks of age and

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-Christmas

Puppy eyes

The house still carries the afterglow of a wonderful Christmas spent with friends. A tiny tree all sparkled with lights and silver ribbons sits on the fireplace mantel, the dining table is set with candles in brass holders and an evergreen swag welcomes visitors at the front door. I chose a simple

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-On The Move


One of the delights of my childhood was being snowbound. I grew up in northern Ohio in a tiny village of lake cottages that hugged the shore of Lake Erie. Winters were long and snowy and it was an unusual winter indeed that did not produce at least one snowbound episode to delight

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-Change

Cassiopeia-15 days old

Cecily-15 days old

My office has become the puppy command center these days. If I can manage to keep the clutter off my desk I can spy on the puppies in their puppy palace box through the desk’s glass top. The puppy palace is then neatly nestled, wall-to-wall between the

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