Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving

Hello, and good-bye

The party is over, the house is empty, the farewells have been said and the tears have been cried. The laundry room is empty: no more ragged old towels litter the floor, the puppy toys are stashed, the bowls washed and the washing machine and dryer silent after their heroic efforts

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppy Play

Cecily — clean, for once

Water is not only for drinking. Bianca’s puppies have discovered that bit of knowledge in the past couple of days and have had no end of fun doing so. Unfortunately water-play in the house is quite messy and when you add food (which is not simply eaten but is

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Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppy “Leavings”

… like Christmas wrapping paper

In the past I have shared pictures and stories about how Bianca’s puppies have changed my house and my life. As you know, over the weeks the puppy command center has morphed from a large plastic tub in my office to free range of the laundry room floor, and

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