Cecily is the third puppy in Rosewood’s C litter.

Cecily is now seven months and she is beautiful. Her coloring is lovely and the hair on her ears is crimped into little locks. Her black earrings are growing longer and her tail is a feather plume. Cecily is always busy. Her almond eyes are full of mischief. She is the quintessential nature girl, happiest when she is running like the wind, scrambling up rocks, chasing birds and squirrels and digging holes.

In this year’s summer heat wave in Atlanta there’s nothing that Cecily likes better than simply messing about in the creek.  Cecily is a water baby.  A few times a day she finds her own way to the creek that runs below our house to cool down and do some doggy paddling.  She loves to have sticks or pebbles thrown for her to chase and show off her swimming prowess.  And the great thing about her coat is that it’s drip-dry – a few shakes to make sure the humans got wet too, a roll in the grass, and a good brush down and she’s good to go.

Ria, 8/9/2010

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Cecily in basket

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