Rose’s Dog Blog–Yorick and the Hermit Crab

On a recent trip to the Outer Banks, my eight year old got two hermit crabs for his birthday. More than a month later, they are both still alive and doing well! On a wet, rainy day, I put one on the floor today to see what the dogs would do. Hamlet didn’t show much

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Litter B, January 19, 2008


Taga's Weika, Lady Elsinore

Uultje-Remy Lyske V. Doralyteira









Litter B puppies



Brannigan in Dogs 101

Brannigan, a puppy from Rosewood’s B litter in 2008, is one of the kooikerhondjes to be featured in Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 this December.

Brannigan, Dogs 101

Joyce’s Dog Blog–Filming for Dogs 101 in Boston, Sept. 13

Today Justin from Dogs 101, Animal Planet, filmed at our house for an upcoming Dogs 101 clip. We invited all the kooikerhondjes we know in New England: all four made it.

Filming at Joyce's house for Dogs 101