Joyce’s Dog Blog–Filming for Dogs 101 in Boston, Sept. 13

Today Justin from Dogs 101, Animal Planet, filmed at our house for an upcoming Dogs 101 clip. We invited all the kooikerhondjes we know in New England: all four made it.

Filming at Joyce's house for Dogs 101

Brannigan and Remy, Elsie and Tucker. The dogs played and posed for the camera. We cuddled them and coddled them and bribed them with treats and Frisbees and they performed fabulously.

Earlier in the day, it had crossed our minds that none of the dog owners had kids. Did we need kids? Did Dogs 101 just assume that “kids are everywhere,” could be found at every filming location? I didn’t know and called Justin who confirmed that having kids on set would be great. Elsie and I walked around the corner to ask the neighbors, who have a lovely, lively dog and two middle-school-aged kids. B and V, we found out, are avid Dogs 101 fans and it didn’t take any arm twisting to get their participation.

Tucker, Remy, Elsie, and Brannigan will be in one of the clips that Dogs 101 is doing on rare breeds. Kooikerhondjes are so rare in the US that, although we do breed them, no puppies were available at the needed time and Dogs 101 trekked all the way to Holland to find a litter. While they were there, they also filmed at one of the few remaining endenkoois, where kooikerhondjes demonstrate their traditional work.

Look for the Dogs 101 clip on kooikerhondjes to air in December this year.

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