Joyce’s Dog Blog-Happy Birthday to Elsie

Happy Halloweenish Birthday from Elsie to all you other folks celebrating your birthday on this best of all days. Elsie celebrated by walking around the neighborhood this evening and barking at trick-or-treaters.

Happy scary birthday

Me and my buddy, Elmo, hanging out on my birthday

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Cecily Goes To School

Cecily has started a course in agility training and loves it. There are about seven dogs in the class and so far they have learnt four skills – UP ( running up and down a steep board), WALK (running up a steep board, across a long narrow board and down another steep board), TUNNEL (running

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Balthazar “Harley” at a year

Harley April 2009

Harley is doing great. He probably weighed about 33 lbs at a year and now is about 42 lbs and cute as a button. He’s very silly and sleeps most of the time on his back with his feet up in the air. He burps after every meal and even sometimes

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Benvolio “Beni” at Two Years

Beni July 2010

Beni and his people attended the Kooiker Club meeting at Rod and Marta Beckstead’s in Pensylvania in July 2010.

Baptista Minola, or Elby

Elby at two years

Baptista or "Elby" at three and a half years.

Health Update on Baptista “Elby”

Last month we received a letter with an important health update from the owners of one of our Litter B puppies. We immediately wrote to ask for more. The following is compiled from three letters from Elby’s owners, written in September and October 2010:

Elby is now having seizures. He had his first one

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