Cato “Bristow” Turns One

Cato "Bistow" is one!

Today Bristow celebrates his first birthday. It has been a very exciting and challenging year for him. The first challenge was enduring the long, rainy, 14 hour drive home which Bristow enjoyed mostly from the lap of his new mama and displayed no signs of anxiety. Immediately life changed; no longer were there playmates the same size as Bristow, the floor was a very bright shade of blue, no longer could pottying take place whenever he wanted but people got very, very happy each time he did go potty outside. Bristow adjusted to his new lifestyle almost immediately, and who wouldn’t since he was the kind king of the castle. The only bump in the road early on were trips to the vet, which were met with skepticism and anxiety that yet another thing would be stuck up his bum.

After a few months the lunch time potty visits from mom and dad lessened and Bristow enjoyed resting and relaxing on his own all day at home. Some days he would get to go play with other dogs all day to help increase his socialization skills. It has been paying off. His best friends are Otto a bearded collie, Ace a bichon frise, and Lexi an old english sheep dog. Every day he gets at least an hour playing in the field, or on a treadmill when it rains. Each night ends with a nice relaxing 30 minute walk. Recently Bristow joined a dog club to get an extra hour of play each night, as long as the sun stays out and plays too. To rejuvenate from this hectic lifestyle, Bristow enjoys vacationing with his family at Lake Erie. Getting him out of the water can be challenge.

Bristow has enjoyed many accomplishments this year. He was potty trained in only three days. He won first in his class at the annual Kooiker Fun Match. He recently successfully impersonated a bumble bee for Halloween.

Hap-bee Halloween!

Bristow also graduated very quickly from his Puppy class and is excelling in his all-skills level class. He is on his way to being a therapy dog.

As Bristow reaches adulthood he plans to travel, spend more time reading, and take his ball fetching skills professional (fly-ball here he comes)! Being the cutest, sweetest dog ever, he may try his hand at modeling but doesn’t want to turn into “one of those self centered ego maniac models” (his words, not ours). Whatever the next year holds for him, it will be fun, filled with exercise and love.

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