Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010


Fuller family

The Fuller family came all the way from Texas

Rod and Marta Beckstead hosted the third Kooiker Match on July 24, 2010, warmly welcoming us to their hillside home in Allentown, PA. Yorick and Elsie, Benvolio (litter B) and Cato (litter C) represented Rosewood at the match.

A requirement for AKC acceptance, the match was like an informal dog show. As a learning experience for both dogs and handlers, the judge introduced us to the procedures and criteria for judging. We practiced standing, leading, and walking our dogs around the shady ring for the judge.


Laura brought Beni (Rosewood's B Litter) from DC.

We had classes for puppies of different ages, adults, and senior dogs. Dogs and bitches were judged separately. Somehow, every dog went away with a ribbon or token of recognition.


Renee and Frank

Renee and Frank brought Regis from Manhattan--they are now experts on raising a high-energy Kooiker in the city.

Following the match, we had a potluck cookout. Rod and Marta opened their home and we all enjoyed getting to know one another through the all-too-swiftly passing hours of the afternoon.


One of the Canadian Willoughby daughters with one of Rod's newest Kooikers.

Although I didn’t count either people or dogs, 14 Kooikers and 30 people were expected, from as far as Texas and Ontario, also Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Kristen and Greg

Bristow (Rosewood’s C Litter) came from Pittsburgh with Kristen and Greg.

These friendly fun matches are an ongoing activity of the US Kooiker Club.

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