Jorie’s Dog Blog–New Life in the Georgia Low Country

The greening of the Georgia low country is well under way. The windows are open, the night choruses of frogs and insects sing us to sleep and the morning cacophony of hundreds of bird voices invades the last sweet hours of sleep. And deep in Bianca’s belly, quietly and secretly there too is growing life…at least it must be assumed that there is. Bianca and I will be making a trip to her veterinarian to confirm this hope on May 4th, so be sure to watch for the update!

Meanwhile, the sire of this growing life, Yorick, remains in residence.  Usually the girl dog goes to visit the boy dog for breeding, but in this case, it was convenient for Rose to drop Yorick off here on her way to Florida. Yorick is a perfect gentleman and a wonderful companion to Bianca and his presence will be very much missed after returning him to his family next weekend.

I have attempted to get more pictures of Bianca and Yorick, but please note the word attempted. While they play together in the yard quite a bit, trying to capture both in the same frame has been quite challenging. I am afraid that my camera is too slow and they are too fast. At any rate, I am including several of the best ones for you.

Again, keep checking for more pictures and more updates.

Yorick--I love my life!

Yorick and Bianca in Statesboro, GA

Bianca, full of expectations!

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