Cyrus, or Ciuey (“Chewie”)

If you make a mess, Mom won’t have to clean it up–I promise!

Cyrus is now Ciuey (pronounced “Chewie” like Chewbacca’s nick name in Star Wars, but spelled like our last name Ciul).

Ciuey is a great companion. We thought he would be best buds with our 11 year old son, but since the

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Jorie’s Dog Blog–Puppies Coming

Sunlit Bianca

The season of summer is slowly invading the Georgia Low Country. By noon the landscape steams in the sunshine and often later in the afternoon thunderstorms, which form and grow in the sultry air, growl and rumble through with gusty winds and flickering lightening. Tonight, as I sit at my desk, a

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Jorie’s Dog Blog–Yorick and Bianca

After a successful mating, Yorick has returned to his family. All that remains is a happy memory and some fur. You see, Yorick shed quite a bit of his winter coat while here. And although the vacuum cleaner has been kept very busy with multiple dogs making the spring shed I have not quite eliminated

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Caia Grows Up

One of our favorite portraits of Caia, taken late 2012

Cassiopeia lives in Northern Virginia with Paula and Leonard and their two boys. Paula recently shared this photo update, which includes pictures from a coincidental meeting with them while we (Caia’s owners and Rose and her family) were on vacation at the same

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