Jorie’s Dog Blog–Yorick and Bianca

After a successful mating, Yorick has returned to his family. All that remains is a happy memory and some fur. You see, Yorick shed quite a bit of his winter coat while here. And although the vacuum cleaner has been kept very busy with multiple dogs making the spring shed I have not quite eliminated all the hair!

Evening walk in Georgia

As a working guest, Yorick was always a trooper and a gentleman and I will miss him. Not only did he have to leave home, but he also went from a very busy household full of active boys and adults, to a decidedly quiet, adults-only, academic sort of abode where the most exciting events were walks and helping Bianca rule the neighborhood from her backyard queendom. He seemed a bit confused at first, but made the transition quickly, learning the routines of the house in short order. Navigating the flap of the doggie door was a new experience and at first he simply carefully and slowly stepped through. Soon however, he was racing in and out at top speed with Bianca and Ochie. To modify the old saying for new purposes: How ya gonna keep ‘em down on the farm once they’ve see the doggie door of gay Statesboro?


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