Jorie’s Dog Blog–Puppies Coming

Sunlit Bianca

The season of summer is slowly invading the Georgia Low Country. By noon the landscape steams in the sunshine and often later in the afternoon thunderstorms, which form and grow in the sultry air, growl and rumble through with gusty winds and flickering lightening. Tonight, as I sit at my desk, a soft rain drips a rhythm outside the open windows. Bianca and Ochie are snoozing in the living room and Coriander and Saffron are, as cats prefer, out hunting the darkened yard for chameleons, voles and insects. It is hard to believe that soon, Bianca’s puppies will be welcomed into this peaceful scene. But, believe I must! Bianca’s belly is swelling with new life and is much larger now than with her first pregnancy…are we having more puppies? Or is she suffering the common mama fate of stretched-and-never-to return-to-its-original-size-and-shape belly? Whatever the case I have begun preparing for the “blessed event.” A new whelping box arrived earlier today and tomorrow I will go to the attic to retrieve the puppy gear that I stored there more than a year ago…heat lamp, the ragged but serviceable old blankets for puppies to snuggle into, puppy dishes…wow! I better get to bed so I can do all that tomorrow!

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