Jorie’s Dog Blog–Waiting for Puppies

The unassembled whelping box--disconcerting for the instructionally challenged!

My office has been transformed into The Puppy Command Center! Every detail, save the pesky clamp on heat lamp for which I have searched diligently and to no avail, has been taken care of. After a little confusion over the instructions that came with the new whelping box…those of you who know me, please stop laughing….they sent the wrong instruction sheet… I was able to successfully assemble its sides and puppy guard rails. As the birth day draws closer, I will place a protective plastic mat down and top it with soft blankets. This is the haven in which Bianca will give birth and then tend to her puppies for the first weeks.

Waiting for Puppies



In the home décor department, the room has little appeal. Items of furniture had to be rearranged to accommodate the largeness of the whelping box, the open futon, made up and ready for me to take up my nighttime puppy vigil in those first critical weeks after Bianca has given birth, crowds into the center of the room, a cart full of needed equipment has been wheeled into place and a basket overflowing with old blankets perches on the top of the file cabinet.

But it is ready, and now, we wait…


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