Jorie’s Dog Blog–Little Whale

Little Whale

My Little Whale…that’s what I have begun to call Bianca as her belly
continues to expand.   As she has grown bigger and rounder she is
moving more slowly, although slow to a Kooiker is all very relative.
First it was our evening walks that had to be cut, for now, even as
the sun drops low on the horizon the heat of afternoon lingers and
Bianca, although always excited to go, seemed not to be handling the
heat well.  The morning walks have been the latest casualty of
pregnancy as morning temperatures and humidity climb toward summer levels. Second, the rigorous daily ceremonies dedicated to keeping the yard squirrel-free have lapsed into half-hearted gestures of warning
to the little tree dwellers.  For you see, Bianca still has the heart
of one in charge, but for the time being, she chooses to listen to the
mitigating dictates of her expanding size.

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