Litter D Puppies-One Week Old


Bianca and her 8 pups at one week old.

Today I want to dedicate my reflections to you.  What a cloud of well-wishers you have been and I have so appreciated the kind words sent and have heard the cheering coming in from many places in many voices.  This week has been stressful and emotional and I am here to express my gratitude to everyone.  Your wishes have sustained me through the joy and the sadness, through the nights spent “sleeping” in the whelping box with Bianca and the puppies and even through the immense amounts of reading and writing needed to get me through my final semester of coursework.
In addition, I am here to report that little Daesha and Dragon are
growing and doing very well.  They both remain considerably smaller than their littermates and their weight gains are in much smaller increments than the others, but the gains are steady.  Ensuring that they get up to and maintain a place at the dinner bar is rather like playing a computer game.  I spend a lot of time fending off large, voracious “alien invaders!”  In the beginning I had to put these two little ones to the nipple for each feeding, but now they can find one to their liking all by themselves…if I keep their bigger, stronger siblings out of the way.

So again, I send each of you my heartfelt thank-you for your interest
and your support.  Keep tuned for developments as they happen.

Bianca approaches nursing with her inimitable sense of humor!

That's one fat puppy!

Can you find all eight?

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