Rose’s Dog Blog–Daesha and the Seven Sons

Yorick, the kids, and I took a road trip to see Yorick’s puppies in Statesboro, GA.

Four By Eight

We picked up Jorie’s son Brett along the way. Jorie, on the home stretch to finishing her doctoral degree and with a boxful of demanding puppies in her study, hosted us graciously. The puppies and the boys got some good inter-species socialization!

Jorie and Rose, Litter D

I guess Yorick and Bianca took a cue from their prospective peeps to further populate the world with sons. Between us, Jorie and I have nine sons! Here are my four boys with Brett, whom Jorie adopted into her large family as a young adult. Yorick and Bianca round out the portrait with their seven sons and Daesha!

Jorie, Bianca, and Daesha with more boys than anyone knows what to do with!


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