Agility Exploration

Today Rosewood had a visit from Wendy Pendelton, who competes in agility with her Golden Retreiver, Cheetah. Wendy and Cheetah (MACH 2) competed in the European Open in the Czech Republic in 2010. Wendy and her friend, Toni, came to evaluate the puppies for their aptitude in the sport of agility.

The Agility Tunnel

They spread out equipment all over the yard, and let the puppies explore.

Maybe the mouth of the tunnel reminds them of the endenkooi trap!

Are there ducks in there somewhere?













Although all the puppies explored the toys and went through the tunnel, they soon lost interest. The one who showed the most interest and played the longest was Dragon!

Whoo-hoo! That's fun!

Dragon takes the whole set of jump bumps.

Flying Dragon

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