Frankie (the Puppy Formerly Known as Drake) Goes Home


After a fair amount of struggling to figure out how we would travel from Seattle, WA to Statesboro, Georgia to pick up our new puppy Frankie (formerly known as Drake), Marjorie’s son Brett graciously offered to escort him out to Seattle for us.  Frankie was to be our fourth total and third current Kooiker.  Our first, Kirby, we brought from England in 1996 but he passed away at 11 years of age.  Phoebe, Kirby’s daughter, joined us in 1999 and is a healthy, happy 12 years old.  Franny came from Pennsylvania in 2007 and just turned four.  We were a little nervous about how Frankie would fit into the Kooiker brood, particularly since Franny is used to being the center of attention.  Well, the transitions have been very smooth.  Phoebe lets Frankie cuddle up with her, at least to a degree, and Franny is already starting to play with him.  At first Frankie would run away scared when Franny started barking, but now he is standing up to her, and, for that matter, to any dog who dares to take away a treat or toy that he is interested in.  He is quite sure of himself, despite his diminutive size compared to his new sisters.  He is quite a character, full of energy, and he is already fitting in so well with our family.  Our thanks to Marjorie for all of her work in raising such great and beautiful Kooiker puppies, and to Brett for hand-carrying our precious Frankie out to us!

Robert Grenley

Frankie with Devin

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