Rembrandt, Stud Dog for Litter B

Rembrandt’s Pedigree:

Uultje-Remy Lyske V. Doralyteira 


AKC Reg. No.: SR36049601

DOB: 21 March 2004

Owner: Robin Fields, Weston, MA

Father: Rakker NHSB 2343473 Father: Heer William V. D. Kooikerexpres NHSB 2124761 Father:
Lester V. H. Gemeijnt
NHSB BIJL G-2-1981602
Mother: Soraya Emma V. D. Kooikerexpres NHSB 1934678
Mother: Wenda V. D. Ukkesteyn NHSB 2065311 Father:
Kees V. D. Ukkesteyn
NHSB 1863181
Mother: Evelien V. D. Ukkesteyn NHSB BIJL G-2-1616172
Mother: Lyske-Dora NHSB 2271232 Father: Nyarr Scooter Urjette V. Muskyteira G-2-2065320 Father: Jimmy NHSB BIJL G-1-1666331
Mother: Urjette Coranne V. Muskyteira NHSB BIJL G-2-1555267
Mother: Nefoko’s Dora Eliez G-2-1989870 Father: Wolf Uit ‘T Wilgenbosch NHSB BIJL G-2-1815147
Mother: Eliez Verys V. Almari NHSB BIJL G-1-1806472

“Remy” was bred in Friesland Province (the origin of Kooikers) in The Netherlands. He belongs to Robin Fields, who lives in Boston . Remy is a beautiful representation of the breed standard and has many Dutch champions in his Kooiker pedigree. His long, black feathered earrings, strong frame and good temperament suggested he would be a good match with Elsie. We researched their lineage and genetics, and decided to breed over Thanksgiving ’07. The puppies arrived January 19, 2008.

Robin and Remy

Robin and Remy

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