Furry Dog Shares Hair with Carpet

Kooikerhondjes do shed and if they “blow” their coats, it can be spectacular. Here Wendy, one of Elby’s humans, describes the situation at their house.

“Elby’s shedding is unbelievable. Not really complaining (well maybe a little …), but basically it is just falling off him as he walks around. And if he scratches it’s everywhere. It has not been like this in other seasons. He shows no other signs of problems with his skin, etc. Just fur galore. Dave brushes him once a week, but the next day it is still all over. Here is a picture of 1/2 days worth and this does not count the stuff on my dark green rug (bad color choice with him!!). Just amazed is all … hopefully as the fall gets here it will slow down.” —Wendy

At times, a Swiffer or a Roomba can be a Kooiker owner’s best friend. We have a blue carpet in our living room, and every hair my Kooiker sheds shows up there. The tan carpet on our stairs hides it much better. —Joyce

Baptista/Elby, still has some fur left

Baptista/Elby, still has fur left to share

A half day's worth of Kooiker fur

A half day's worth of Kooiker fur

Baptista/Elby, August 2011

Baptista/Elby, 3.5 years old, August 2011

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