Joyce’s Dog Blog—Elsie likes to swim after all

After nine years of pussy-footing it around the water, Elsie decided she likes to swim after all. The only time I’d ever seen Elsie launch herself into a body of water was when someone dropped a hotdog bun off a dock into a pond. Otherwise, she’s been at best a timid paddler.

This summer the frogs have been out en masse on the ponds and Elsie has found a new passion. She never catches them, not even close, but she has been wading further and further out. And one day I threw a stick for her and she swam out and brought it back. Once started there was no turning back and she now swims like a pro. Her doggy paddle is still a little rough, though.

Elsie decides she likes to swim after all

Shaking it out

Spot the Frog

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