Chatham Beach

Yesterday we drove all the way down the Chatham on the Cape.  Darby is great in the car, even on long trips.  When we drove back from Georgia he curled up on my center console and slept; now he’s too big to even sit on it.

The beach had just opened up to dogs this weekend. I guess they don’t allow them during the swimming season.  He loves attacking seaweed and in one picture it looks like he’s trying to get a nice tan.

His black stripe down his back is fading, and I thought it was so cute too.  His tail is starting to get a nice little plume and he’s growing some shiny, red-gold hairs on his back.  He’s starting to look iridescent in the sunlight.

This vacation was so much more fun with Darby along!

–Lesley Vanderpoel

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