Walter and Posie in Boston

It’s hard to believe Walter and Posie have been with us for over a month. And, yet, it’s hard to believe we haven’t had them all along!

The puppies [nee Deacon and Daesha] had a seamless transition into their new family and their new home. Which is not to say it hasn’t been a typical puppy progression — some late night wake-up’s and house-training accidents and a lovely hook rug that was de-hooked by curious teeth. But the damage has been contained and the joy has been uncontained.

True to the breed, Walter and Posie have been game for joining us on a variety of adventures. They’ve been hiking and canoeing and playing in the surf and have logged quite a few loops in the neighborhood where they already have some favorite play-mates. Their typical morning routine includes a loop around the reservoir at Wellesley College where there are some very friendly dogs and people, and quite a few who have now met a Kooikerhondje. Hopefully we are not spreading an awful mis-pronunciation of the breed!

Bringing littermates into the family was a move that many people recommended against; the established concern is that the dogs will bond with one another rather than the owner, and that training will be more difficult. It is true that Walter and Posie have bonded with each other very strongly. They are very close and they turned to each other in the early days in unfamiliar surroundings, after leaving Bianca, then Yorick, and their beloved siblings. But they are such affectionate and obedient dogs that it would be a stretch to say there is any lack of bonding between each of them and each of us. Their training is on schedule — with formal classes beginning in a few weeks. When called to “come” in the middle of a game, they do give a glance to each other before deciding to come — so I won’t say the expert advice is without its merits. And we may need to separate them for obedience training. But we can’t imagine life without either of them. My husband, skeptical from the start, has repeatedly noted that he’s “shocked how well it’s all worked out with these puppies.”

Commonwealth Avenue in Boston's Back Bay

So that’s our report from Dover, MA. We will be unable to come to the October event as David is running the Chicago marathon that weekend. But we are all eager to stay in touch with Rosewood Kooikers and would love the excuse for an outing if any of the other pups or distant relatives are interested. Rose knows how to reach me; I seem to have become a somewhat regular nuisance in her life!

Thanks, Rosewood, Bianca, Yorick, and your amazing families. Creatures this tremendous, loving, adaptable, and fun couldn’t have come from just anyone, anywhere. You are all a special breed.

–Erin Clarke Gordon


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