Rosy at the Fun Match, Oct. 8, 2011

Dwayne and Rosy at the Fun Match

Rosy made a splash at her dog show debut at the Kooikerhondje Fun Match this October. Dwayne Martin, her housemate and handler, had never been to a dog show, let alone been in the ring with a show animal! Rosy was all confidence (even if she didn’t have a clue), and quickly put Dwayne at ease.

It all paid off, and Rosy earned her first ribbon, bringing home the Best Puppy Award.

Of course, there were only three puppies in the field–all excellent kooiker specimens, and the other two Rosewood bred pups–so there was no way to lose.

But in the end, the day was clearly not about the competition. Judge Carol Noe had to do some on-the-spot handling instruction, and her patience and good humor prevailed as human and canine alike bumbled around the ring.

Instead, the day was about sunshine and camaraderie, laughter and beauty, as we got to know each other and meet another wet, wiggly nose.

Everywhere you turned, there was something spectacular going on. A Border Collie, all its energy focused in one blue eye, snakes its way through a set of weave poles at the adjacent Agility Trial. The clear afternoon sun slants across the tin roof of an old barn. A girl with impossibly long hair leads an old kooikerhondje around the ring for the first time and takes home a ribbon.

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