Cato, or Bristow, Turns Two

Bristow at Two Years

Its hard to believe that Bristow is two years old!  He is growing in to an amazing dog and we can’t be happier that he is part of the family. He is extremely patient with us and respectful of other dogs’ space and teperaments. However, we’re still waiting for him to get that unattainable perfect balance between spirited and lazy!  When he’s ready to run, play, swim (whatever the game is)… look out!  With or without you – he’s playing!  And just when you think he’s down for a nap – any sudden movement and he bolts to a toy ready for action!  Much like Cecily, Bristow is a very attached dog and loves to be connected to anyone who will give him attention (or a treat).  We are constantly amazed at how quickly Bristow learns commands – although, he seems to forget the “come” command when he’s on the trail of something that smells fantastic!  He is developing a quirky sense of humor that sometimes can get him in to a little mischief… Recently, the dirty laundry mysteriously went from hamper to sprinkled all over the living room floor. Trying to hide the laughter, a stern look and my hands on my hips did the trick – he learned his lesson and hasn’t tried that since – unless he cleans it up before I get home from work!  So far, we have been lucky with a wonderful, healthy pup. We haven’t had him weighed in a bit but believe him to be about 35 lbs.

Tired After a Day of Play!

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