Dragon at the AKC Meet The Breed, NYC

At the Kooiker Booth (photo courtesy of Pierre Revol)

It was an amazing day! I can’t tell you how many people came to our table squealing excitedly, “I came here just to meet these dogs!” There’s a huge cohort of people out there who saw the Dogs 101 Kooiker segment and felt that they had to see one and hope to adopt one. Pierre and Harry were there Sat morning and DuncanDragon and I arrived around midday, expecting to stay til 2 pm. Pierre and Harry hung around til after 3 pm, and Dunkie and I stayed til the 5 pm closing time. Every time I tried to slip out, there would be another swell of people squealing and oohing and aahing. Dunkie was a real trooper — after five hours of hard labor as the Kooiker Emissary, he was still cheerful and chipper as we left the expo hall. Two blocks away from Javits Center, people were coming up to us and asking, variously, what kind of dog Dunkie is, and if he’s a kooikerhondje or — in the alternative — “one of those duck dogs that was on Animal Planet.” At one point in the afternoon, a woman with a Leonberger tag came over and we bonded over having had “our” respective dogs in the same episod of Dogs 101.

Dragon and Harry (photo courtesy of Pierre Revol)

Harry is clearly Rosy puppy’s sister — the similarity is astonishing. He’s a like-minded kooiker soul, with great dignity and elegance. Harry weight 18 lbs at four months to Dunkie’s 20.5 lbs at five months, but Harry seems to have a much smaller frame than Dunkie. Immediately upon meeting, Harry and Dunkie began acting like old old friends, rumbling and playing and tussling with such ease and familiarity that visitors to the table assumed they live together.

Harry and Baby (photo courtesy of Pierre Revol)

At one point, several people came to the table and announced that the two kooikers were, without doubt, the cutest most irresistible dogs in the entire hall. (And this was with some pretty stiff competition!)

I’m extremely hoarse from having said “It’s pronounced kooikerhondje” at least 600 times today. Dunkie barely made it to his food bowl and water bowl before he plopped down on his pillow and fell deeply asleep. Looks good to me!

Pierre and Harry will be there Sunday morning, and a “mystery kooiker” will be coming with a Thomas Tresen in the afternoon tomorrow, as will and Dunkie and I. Looking forward to another day of kooiker-filled fun and exhaustion!

–Karen Dean, Nov. 13 2011

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