Puppy size in Litter D

Frankie is a Big Boy

Frankie, who lives in Seattle, Washington, is growing into a large and lovely kooiker. From his dad, Robert:

Frankie is 18 in. at 8 months.

“I have not gotten a sense for how large Frankie’s siblings are at this point. We have been surprised at how large Frankie has

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Bianca and Jorie Retire from Rosewood

Bianca and Jorie

In 2012, after two litters and many happy years as part of the Rosewood family, Bianca and Jorie have retired from breeding and puppy rearing.

In December, after earning her Doctorate degree in Cultural Curriculum Studies at Goergia Southern University, Jorie took a position as Natural Resources Instructor at Aaniih Nakoda

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Bianca’s Bio and Pedigree

Bianca, two years, 19 in. 32 lbs.

Bianca left side, Nov. 2010

Bianca moved from her birthplace in Boston to Jorrie’s house in Statesboro Georgia, to become our second breeding female. In 2012, after two litters, Bianca and Jorie moved to the Midwest where Jorie will be a Natural Resources Instructor at Aaniih

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Goodbye To Phoebe

Frankie and the Grenley family said goodbye to Phoebe in December. Phoebe was not a Rosewood dog, but was the beloved friend and housemate of one of our Litter D puppies. In Robert’s words:

We lost Phoebe, our 12 year old Kooiker, in December. It was very sudden…she showed no sign of illness, had gone

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Rookie Turns Four!

Happy Birthday, Rookie!

Born Rosewood’s Bel Canto, Rookie is from the B Litter. His parents are Elsie and Remy.

NOW do you like my hat?

Darby, six months and counting

Check out those ear-rings!

Look who got a nice pair of earrings for Christmas, they’re growing nicely. His coat is also growing longer and stays so clean. We went for a short hike where Darby ended up covered in black mud, yuck! By the time we got home the dirt just fell off and

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Dangerous House Plants

Rosy was standing by the dinner table hoping one of us would throw her a table scrap, when I noticed that her leg was shaking. By the time we got her to the vet, her whole body was shaking and I was in tears. The vet said that the symptoms resembled pyrethrum poisoning and asked

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