Darby, six months and counting

Check out those ear-rings!

Look who got a nice pair of earrings for Christmas, they’re growing nicely. His coat is also growing longer and stays so clean. We went for a short hike where Darby ended up covered in black mud, yuck! By the time we got home the dirt just fell off and he was a nice bright red & white again.

I’ve had the flu for a few weeks so we’ve only been doing 1-2 short walks a day but he’s been demanding to play tug-of-war instead. I know that he’s going to make me play catch up as soon as I’m a little better. I also bought him a large bag of oxtails, I pop a few in the toaster oven and he stays occupied for hours.

Please, I'm begging, here!! What more do you want?

The new trick he learned is crawling across the floor, I still can’t believe he can pick up commands so easily. I need to think of some new ones to teach him. I’ve been making him do freestyle tricks, I hold up a treat and he runs through every trick he knows (then makes some up!).

Over the past few weeks he’s also been getting better with greeting people, not so scared anymore. He’s still a bit cautious but his natural curiosity eventually wins out.



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