Goodbye To Phoebe

Frankie and the Grenley family said goodbye to Phoebe in December. Phoebe was not a Rosewood dog, but was the beloved friend and housemate of one of our Litter D puppies. In Robert’s words:

We lost Phoebe, our 12 year old Kooiker, in December. It was very sudden…she showed no sign of illness, had gone for a nice, long walk earlier that day, had eaten earlier that evening, showed no sign of distress, and was found a short time later outside the dog door having passed away. The vet examined her…no sign of trauma or foul play. They think she may have had a stroke or something like that. Fortunately Frannie, our 4 year old Kooiker, has Frankie (née Drake) to keep her company, and she has assumed the role of matriarch, even though Frankie towers over her.

Good bye, Phoebe! We'll miss you.

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