Puppy size in Litter D

Frankie is a Big Boy

Frankie, who lives in Seattle, Washington, is growing into a large and lovely kooiker. From his dad, Robert:

Frankie is 18 in. at 8 months.

“I have not gotten a sense for how large Frankie’s siblings are at this point. We have been surprised at how large Frankie has grown so quickly.  He was close to 30 lbs (but slender) weighed at the vet a month or so ago at about six or seven months of age, and he is currently about 18 inches at the shoulders. It seems that he is already quite a ways above the breed standard as published on your website.  Have you gotten any feedback from the owners of the other kooikers from litter D about their dogs’ height and weights?  We love him, he is a very sweet guy, and he is a valued member of our family that we are VERY attached to.  As his proportions develop and his coat fills out, he should be a very majestic looking dog.  We could not picture not having him with us. But since he is our fourth Kooiker and is so much larger than what we are used to, I was just curious and wanted to ask. How large is Yorick? At what point do they usually stop growing vertically and just fill out?” –Robert

Frankie, a puppy and Frannie, a 4 yr. female adult

The mid-size of a standard kooiker is an important aspect of their breed identity, and a reason many people are drawn to the breed. A full grown male kooiker should  be 40 cm at the shoulders, and may not be taller than 42 cm., or 16.5 inches to compete in performance events. Both Frankie and his father, Yorick, are 45.7 cm., and therefore over the official breed standard as set out by the US club and the Dutch club. Bianca is 48.3 cm.

Sometimes breeders will introduce a larger, stouter dog in order to add bone, and to give more substance to a line of otherwise light and wispy dogs. The kooiker is a working dog and needs to be sturdy. But their job also demands that they remain small, light and agile, as illustrated in this photo (compliments of Birgitta and Cirtap’s).

Litter D people, how big are your dogs? You can put your questions and observations here in the Comments section, or contact me to send me photos and comments and I will post them for you.

Duncan is a Big Boy

“Duncan is big.  He weighs about 31 pounds.  He doesn’t stay still enough for us to measure him.  Maybe at the show (Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, where kooikerhondjes will be at the Meet the Breed booth) Rod will bring his measure instrument  and we can measure him.  We’re happy with his size but understand that he is big for the standard size kooiker.” –Wayne and Barbra Ritenour

Duncan six months

Duncan at Dinner

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