Rosy and the Deer

Tuesday morning (17 Jan 2012) I was walking with Rosy thru a clearing between a woods and a smaller grove of trees, when Rosy decided to check out the grove of trees. I expected her to follow after me once she satisfied her curiosity, but she didn’t. She just sat there and looked at me even after I called her. So I had no choice but to go and see what was happening. As I got closer I saw a young deer about two-thirds grown standing behind her. It didn’t flee as I approached, and then I saw why. Its left rear leg was caught in a wire fence and was pointing straight upward. The top wire looped around its hoof so tightly that it took me several minutes to get it free, but at last I succeeded and the poor animal could at last stand on all four feet.

For a while it just stood there and looked at us, not seeming to fear me or Rosy. Either it was in shock, or it figured that if we meant to harm it we would have done so already. Finally it started to walk away, and I saw that the formerly-imprisoned leg was stretched out straight and and totally stiff, apparently from the who-knows-how-many hours it had spent ensnared in the wire loop. So it hobbled away, and I wished it well, feeling happy for having freed it, but fearing that its troubles may have only begin.

Rosy followed it for a while, but seemed only curious. She did not attack or harass it, and eventually she came back to me and we resumed our hike.

–Dwayne Martin

(Stock photo)


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