Caia at Two

Here are photos of Caia as a full grown two year old!

Caia, pretty as a constellation!

Caia, sitting pretty

Walter and Posie Are Nine Months Old

Walter and Posie on a walk through the bog.

Walter and Posie are thriving and extremely active. Here are some recent pictures of them at Ponkapoag Bog boardwalk … “ponkapoag” rhymes with “bog.”

Although most of our morning hikes are adjacent to water (Wellesley reservoir, Charles River trails, ponds at Noanet on the way

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Hammie and Yorick meet the Big Dogs

Kidogo mzee na kubwa bwana!

I’ve always had a fondness for Rhodesian Ridgebacks since I grew up in Kenya and one of these majestic animals was my next door neighbor. Since those early days in Nairobi, I haven’t had much opportunity to see these dogs again until my husband’s cousin got one a few

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Darby, Nine Months

Darby, 9 months

Here’s the newest pics of Darby. He was nine months old on May 10.

He found a frisbee in an empty lot across the street now he’s obsessed with playing with it. The little devil even jumps in my bed with it as I’m ready to go to sleep, as

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Duncan Goes to his First Big Show!

There were a number of Rosewood dogs at the recent Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows on March 3 and 4. Duncan came up with the Rittenours from Maryland; his littermate Dragon came in with his peeps, Karen and Nathan, from New York City. Yorick, father to these two boys, was there; and Rosy and Hamlet,

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Dragon is Best Puppy!

We all know he’s the Best Puppy, but Detroit Kennel Club judge Marie Povilaitis confirmed our suspicions by awarding him a rosette last weekend in Detroit at our Kooikerhondje Fun Match, which was held during one of the biggest benched shows in the country.

Sitting Pretty!

Dragon Glows with Pride




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Rosy Goes to Detroit

Conquored by Kooikers!

Rosy, along with Hamlet, Yorick, and other representatives of the Kooikerhondje Club of the USA, participated in the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows on March 3 & 4. Rosy was exactly eight months old on Friday, the day we drove up to Michigan.

On Saturday, she decided that with 1000 intact

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Rookie in the Snow

Here is Rookie, now four years old, enjoying the snow with a buddy.

Rookie in the Snow