Walter and Posie Are Nine Months Old

Walter and Posie on a walk through the bog.

Walter and Posie are thriving and extremely active. Here are some recent pictures of them at Ponkapoag Bog boardwalk … “ponkapoag” rhymes with “bog.”

Although most of our morning hikes are adjacent to water (Wellesley reservoir, Charles River trails, ponds at Noanet on the way to the peak, the xc ski trails in NH), this infrequent spot was of particular interest to them. It is a mile-long marsh boardwalk. They loved it but were patient enough to let me get a few snapshots with the iPhone.

I’m giving you informal measurements, but from the front paw to the shoulders on Walter is 18.5″ or 19″ — on Posie 16″.

–Erin Clarke Gordon

Posie poses on the boardwalk

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