Dragon Visits His Pappy

We had a visit from Dragon (usually called “Dunkie”) and his pack, Rosie (RedGold’s Christmas Elegance), Nathan, and Karen. After lunch at a favorite local restaurant, we took everyone out to the farm so the dogs could run around. It was a windy day, and everyone was in good spirits!

Windy! Dragon, Rose, Yorick, Hamlet, Rosie, Nathan, and Karen.

Dragon is a city dog, and had never been off leash where he could run around. He barked at the horses, startled at the guinea-fowl, and glared at the goats. Grass! You can dig in this! He was well-entertained, and we had a kick watching his antics.

Dragon could have spent the whole afternoon barking at Merlin!

Wow! Grass!! What's under here?









Here’s how the father and son line up! The visit happened on April 10, so Dragon (Litter D, June 10, 2011) was exactly 10 months old.

Father and Son Reunion

Back to back they faced each other . . .









Yorick, Hamlet, Rosie, and Dragon

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