Darby at a year

Darby at a year

Here are the newest pictures of Darby. He will be a year old next month. A kooiker is fully grown at two, and their coat is mature. Their black earrings will continue to lengthen, and their coat may grow a bit longer, but in most respects a two year old kooiker is a grown up dog!

At one year, Darby is still a puppy in many ways. His coat will continue to lengthen, and his body may fill out more, but he has reached his full height (when he is officially measured, we will post his height). When a male dog is neutered, his coat may grow longer and curlier than it was when he was intact, especially around his sides. Leslie plans to neuter him next month, and fix a small umbilical hernia he has had since birth.

Leslie took these photos on April 23, 2012. Darby’s birthday is June 10. He looks a lot like Yorick!

Darby right side, April 2012

Darby left side

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