Darby Chillin After Surgery

Darby had his surgery today, the vet said everything went well. They said he weighed in at 33 pounds. I thought he’d be more (he’s a solid little dog). He was neutered, microchipped and the hernia was repaired. They just commented on the fact that he was very scared, which I was expecting. His nails were also trimmed, he hates it when I try even though he bites his own toenails.

He’s still very groggy–he laid down on the lawn and tried to fall asleep on the way into the house but he still managed to eat all the cat food on the way in! He’ll probably have to wear the cone collar they gave me but right now I got him sleeping on my bed, he’s so tired. By tomorrow he’ll probably be bouncing off the walls again, and I’m supposed to keep him quiet for about seven days! (May 16, 2012)

And here he is, back to his usual joyous self! (Photos taken May 19, 2010)


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