New Pics of Darby

From Lesley:

Gimme five! Gimme ten!

Darby’s doing amazing! I need to start taking him to a professional trainer, though. He’s been doing great with all his tricks but it gets a little hard when he starts to anticipate what I’m going to ask before I open my mouth. He learned “roll over” but now when I tell him down so that he can lay down to do the roll he now dives to the floor and rolls. Unfortunately I might want to give him the crawl command, and he’s rolling across the floor!

He’s been having a little difficulty with chasing things which is why we really need to see the trainer. A few months ago he chased after a squirrel and pulled me off balance, I hit a rock on the ground and got a nice big black eye! That was hard to explain but everyone thought it was hysterical.


Where are you, squirrel!

Since everyone’s giving you couch pictures I thought I might add some more. He’s not too interested in sitting nice and proper on the couch but he’s followed the cat’s example and sprawls across the pillows on the back. He likes to sit up there and look out the window.

Darby sacked out on the back of the couch.

Darby, one year









I just can't chase it any more. I'm so tired out!

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