Yorick and Rosy Represent the Neds Kooi-Dog at their First Open Show!

Dwayne and Elsje, Rosy and Yorick at the Open Show, March 8

On Friday March 8, Yorick and Rosy attended an open show hosted by the American Boerboel Club at our local Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Dwayne Martin handled Rosy, and Elsje McDonald, 12, handled Yorick. Rosy now has two points towards her Championship. Here is  a write-up about the event in Elsje’s words:

“A few weeks ago, Yorick and I went to our first dog show. When we got there we had lots of time to walk around and meet lots of other dogs. We had to wait for what seemed like forever but finally it was the Kooiker’s turn in the ring. At first it was just Yorick and I, we won first place of male kooikerhondjes! (he was the only male).

Next Rosy went into the ring and won first place for female kooikerhondjes! (She was also the only female there.)

After those rounds they both wentinto the ring and Rosy won best of breed and Yorick won best opposite sex. Later Rosy went back into the ring with a Russian toy dog and a Swedish farm dog and she won second place.

After we were all done Dwayne and I posed for pictures with our little champions.”

–Written by Elsje McDonald, age 12, Yorick’s jr. handler.











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