Where in the World is the Rosewood Family?

Rose, Bruce, and the boys are settling into their new lives in Eldoret, Kenya (pictured here in a field of tea growing in the Kakamega Rain Forest).

Kericho Gold anyone?

After going back and forth for a few weeks about Hamlet, Should He Stay or Should He Go, we decided that the international travel would be too risky and too stressful for him. He is with my very good friend Brett, and is adjusting to life without his noisy brothers.








Yorick, of course, will stay in town to be close to Rosy. Elsja is ecstatic to be part of his host family for the next few years!








While the family–canine and human–has very mixed feelings about being separated by the Atlantic Ocean for the next few years, we parted on good terms, and with every confidence that everyone will be in good hands. Here we all are (minus Christian who was on a school trip) the Sunday before the human part of the family got on the plane for Kenya.

And as chance would have it, look what we found in our first week in Eldoret!

This is Mbwa, which means “dog” in Swahili. We found him in the furniture shop when we were looking for living room furniture (notice the black and orange chair Jacob is sitting in).

Mbwa Ndogo

Mbwa Kubwa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hamlet and Yorick are not forgotten, but the arrival of Mbwa helps to ease the dog-shaped hole in our hearts as we leave the kooikers in the care of others for a while.

Elsje, Rose, Yorick and Hamlet

During the first year we were in Kenya, Hamlet made his way from Bret’s care to Elsje’s care, happily reunited with Yorick. This is where he will stay.


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  • Joyce

    Nice, Rose. Elsje resembles Michelle (Stoneberg) so much that at first I thought it was Michelle in the photos.

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