Yorick Goes to Lexington

Elsje and Yorick at the Lexington Trial

This past weekend I entered Yorick in another dog show! The dog show was at the Lexington Horse Center. I ran Yorick in two classes, JWW and STD. He did great in both of them.

Good boy, Yorick!

In JWW he listened to everything I told him and did great, but he was just not fast enough.


In the next class STD Yorick was so good! He had 75 seconds to complete the course and he did it in 53.22. He qualified and got a first place ribbon! Although he still doesn’t get why I made such a big fuss over the ribbon, he was happy with all the praises and cookies. So we all went home happy; Me with the ribbon and Yorick with his new raccoon toy he got for being such a good boy.

Written by Elsje McDonald

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  • Jim & Cheryl McDonald

    We’re so proud of our Grand daughter Elsje and her dog in training Yorick! Wished she was here in Missouri so that our dogs could benefit from her patience and skill (‘course that’s not the only reason). Elsje has become quite the young lady and has a real future as a dog trainer should she desire to do so!

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