Rosewood Retires from Breeding

Our newest female, Ammerville’s Rosalind Layka, has been retired as a breeding dog. We tried through several cycles to breed her, using natural and artificial methods, and she would not conceive. We have decided to spare her the stress of more invasive procedures, and have changed her status from breeding mama to beloved pet.

Rosewood has always been a small kennel, and the welfare of our dogs has been our greatest concern. Rosy has never shown signs of wanting to be a mother, and even when we forced the issue, she declined to become pregnant. With her retirement, we have only one potential breeding dog remaining, our intact male, Yorick.

We humans are sad to enter this phase of our history, but all our dogs are in forever homes and are as happy as dogs can be.

Rosewood, the Happy Dog Place (and the people are pretty tickled, too!

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