Bianca and Jorie Retire from Rosewood

Bianca and Jorie

In 2012, after two litters and many happy years as part of the Rosewood family, Bianca and Jorie have retired from breeding and puppy rearing.

In December, after earning her Doctorate degree in Cultural Curriculum Studies at Goergia Southern University, Jorie took a position as Natural Resources Instructor at Aaniih Nakoda College on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana. The demands of her profession leave her with little time to continue as a breeder.

Now spayed, Bianca is adjusting to her retirement from motherhood duties and is happy to continue her life with Jorie as beloved pet and companion. She and Ochie, the yellow lab, enjoy exploring the new frontiers of the Midwest.




Bianca’s Bio and Pedigree

Bianca, right profile

Bianca, two years, 19 in. 32 lbs.

Bianca left side, Nov. 2010

Bianca moved from her birthplace in Boston to Jorrie’s house in Statesboro Georgia, to become our second breeding female. In 2012, after two litters, Bianca and Jorie moved to the Midwest where Jorie will be a Natural Resources Instructor at Aaniih Nakoda College on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana.

Due to Bianca’s unusual size (she is very tall for the breed) and the fact that one of her siblings has developed epilepsy, it was decided that she should no longer be a candidate for breeding. Jorie and Bianca have retired from breeding.

“Bianca is definitely the alpha female of the family. She dominates her yellow lab housemate Ochie, bosses him around, chews on him, pushes him aside when loves are being given out, etc. And the funny thing is that Ochie puts up with it all! Also, her energy NEVER runs out! She is ready to go any time of the day or night at the drop of a hat!

The back yard is Bianca’s favorite place. She races out the doggie door and makes a circuit around the perimeter of the yard at top speed, tail flying and ears pushed back in the wind. If I am at the computer and she wants me to “notice” her, she bugs me until I ask her if she wants me to watch her at which she zooms out the door. She reminds me of a kid that says “Mommy, watch me!” I tell her what a good girl she is and how pretty she is and watch her for a few minutes. That makes her completely happy and I can go back to writing or checking e-mail . . . for awhile!”

Bianca’s hips were evaluated as Excellent in a Preliminary Xray Evaluation.


AKC SR49291602

DOB January 19 2008

Hamlet and Bianca, right

Sire: Uultje-Remy Lyske V. Doralyteira
AKC SR36049601
S: Rakker NHSB 2343473S: Heer William VD Kooikerexpres NHSB 2124761
D: Wenda VD Ukkesteyn NHSB 2065311
D: Lyske-Dora NHSB 2271232S: Nyarr Scooter Urjette von Muskyteira G-2-2065320
D: Nefoko’s Dora Eliez
NHSB BILJ G-2-1989870
Dam: Taga’s Weika, Lady Elsinore
AKC SR36052701
S: Tea’ Land’s Mowgli Don’ Kit
NHSB 11377/98
S: Taga’s Gordon
NHSB 16177/96
D: Lonniland’s Tea’Kit Mc-Twire
NHSB 11779/96
D: Taga’s Chiquita
NHSB 10404/99
Sire: Quiz Byondra von Muskyteira
NHSB 00792/96
D: Taga’s Debbie
NHSB 25405/95

Rose’s Dog Blog–Daesha and the Seven Sons

Yorick, the kids, and I took a road trip to see Yorick’s puppies in Statesboro, GA.

Four By Eight

We picked up Jorie’s son Brett along the way. Jorie, on the home stretch to finishing her doctoral degree and with a boxful of demanding puppies in her study, hosted us graciously. The puppies and the boys got some good inter-species socialization!

Jorie and Rose, Litter D

I guess Yorick and Bianca took a cue from their prospective peeps to further populate the world with sons. Between us, Jorie and I have nine sons! Here are my four boys with Brett, whom Jorie adopted into her large family as a young adult. Yorick and Bianca round out the portrait with their seven sons and Daesha!

Jorie, Bianca, and Daesha with more boys than anyone knows what to do with!


Bianca Besieged

Bianca Besieged in Week 3

It is the third week and the puppies are getting big!  They have their eyes open, are walking, socializing with each other and paying attention to me.  Bianca is holding up quite well in spite of the increasing demands of her babies. Her caloric demands are impressive, she eats like a horse and drinks at least a gallon of water per day.

Litter D Puppies-One Week Old


Bianca and her 8 pups at one week old.

Today I want to dedicate my reflections to you.  What a cloud of well-wishers you have been and I have so appreciated the kind words sent and have heard the cheering coming in from many places in many voices.  This week has been stressful and emotional and I am here to express my gratitude to everyone.  Your wishes have sustained me through the joy and the sadness, through the nights spent “sleeping” in the whelping box with Bianca and the puppies and even through the immense amounts of reading and writing needed to get me through my final semester of coursework.
In addition, I am here to report that little Daesha and Dragon are
growing and doing very well.  They both remain considerably smaller than their littermates and their weight gains are in much smaller increments than the others, but the gains are steady.  Ensuring that they get up to and maintain a place at the dinner bar is rather like playing a computer game.  I spend a lot of time fending off large, voracious “alien invaders!”  In the beginning I had to put these two little ones to the nipple for each feeding, but now they can find one to their liking all by themselves…if I keep their bigger, stronger siblings out of the way.

So again, I send each of you my heartfelt thank-you for your interest
and your support.  Keep tuned for developments as they happen.

Bianca approaches nursing with her inimitable sense of humor!

That's one fat puppy!

Can you find all eight?

Puppies have Arrived!

Bianca and Yorick became parents last evening–this is Bianca’s second litter and Yorick’s first. Bianca delivered TEN puppies!!! One was stillborn, and the two smallest are struggling to get the nutrition they need to stay alive. Jorie is keeping them under a heat lamp and feeding them every hour. The other seven, all boys, are thriving nicely.

Rosewood's D Litter has arrived!

Jorie’s Dog Blog–Little Whale

Little Whale

My Little Whale…that’s what I have begun to call Bianca as her belly
continues to expand.   As she has grown bigger and rounder she is
moving more slowly, although slow to a Kooiker is all very relative.
First it was our evening walks that had to be cut, for now, even as
the sun drops low on the horizon the heat of afternoon lingers and
Bianca, although always excited to go, seemed not to be handling the
heat well.  The morning walks have been the latest casualty of
pregnancy as morning temperatures and humidity climb toward summer levels. Second, the rigorous daily ceremonies dedicated to keeping the yard squirrel-free have lapsed into half-hearted gestures of warning
to the little tree dwellers.  For you see, Bianca still has the heart
of one in charge, but for the time being, she chooses to listen to the
mitigating dictates of her expanding size.

Jorie’s Dog Blog–Waiting for Puppies

The unassembled whelping box--disconcerting for the instructionally challenged!

My office has been transformed into The Puppy Command Center! Every detail, save the pesky clamp on heat lamp for which I have searched diligently and to no avail, has been taken care of. After a little confusion over the instructions that came with the new whelping box…those of you who know me, please stop laughing….they sent the wrong instruction sheet… I was able to successfully assemble its sides and puppy guard rails. As the birth day draws closer, I will place a protective plastic mat down and top it with soft blankets. This is the haven in which Bianca will give birth and then tend to her puppies for the first weeks.

Waiting for Puppies



In the home décor department, the room has little appeal. Items of furniture had to be rearranged to accommodate the largeness of the whelping box, the open futon, made up and ready for me to take up my nighttime puppy vigil in those first critical weeks after Bianca has given birth, crowds into the center of the room, a cart full of needed equipment has been wheeled into place and a basket overflowing with old blankets perches on the top of the file cabinet.

But it is ready, and now, we wait…


Jorie’s Dog Blog–Puppies Coming

Sunlit Bianca

The season of summer is slowly invading the Georgia Low Country. By noon the landscape steams in the sunshine and often later in the afternoon thunderstorms, which form and grow in the sultry air, growl and rumble through with gusty winds and flickering lightening. Tonight, as I sit at my desk, a soft rain drips a rhythm outside the open windows. Bianca and Ochie are snoozing in the living room and Coriander and Saffron are, as cats prefer, out hunting the darkened yard for chameleons, voles and insects. It is hard to believe that soon, Bianca’s puppies will be welcomed into this peaceful scene. But, believe I must! Bianca’s belly is swelling with new life and is much larger now than with her first pregnancy…are we having more puppies? Or is she suffering the common mama fate of stretched-and-never-to return-to-its-original-size-and-shape belly? Whatever the case I have begun preparing for the “blessed event.” A new whelping box arrived earlier today and tomorrow I will go to the attic to retrieve the puppy gear that I stored there more than a year ago…heat lamp, the ragged but serviceable old blankets for puppies to snuggle into, puppy dishes…wow! I better get to bed so I can do all that tomorrow!

Jorie’s Dog Blog–New Life in the Georgia Low Country

The greening of the Georgia low country is well under way. The windows are open, the night choruses of frogs and insects sing us to sleep and the morning cacophony of hundreds of bird voices invades the last sweet hours of sleep. And deep in Bianca’s belly, quietly and secretly there too is growing life…at least it must be assumed that there is. Bianca and I will be making a trip to her veterinarian to confirm this hope on May 4th, so be sure to watch for the update!

Meanwhile, the sire of this growing life, Yorick, remains in residence.  Usually the girl dog goes to visit the boy dog for breeding, but in this case, it was convenient for Rose to drop Yorick off here on her way to Florida. Yorick is a perfect gentleman and a wonderful companion to Bianca and his presence will be very much missed after returning him to his family next weekend.

I have attempted to get more pictures of Bianca and Yorick, but please note the word attempted. While they play together in the yard quite a bit, trying to capture both in the same frame has been quite challenging. I am afraid that my camera is too slow and they are too fast. At any rate, I am including several of the best ones for you.

Again, keep checking for more pictures and more updates.

Yorick--I love my life!

Yorick and Bianca in Statesboro, GA

Bianca, full of expectations!