Jorie’s Dog Blog–Litter D on the Way for Summer 2011

Another Puppy Adventure Has Begun!

Rosewood’s Yorick came to visit while his family was vacationing in Florida.  Conveniently, Bianca came into heat during that time and Yorick has stayed on as a working house guest.  He and Bianca have been very busy making puppies and according to my gestation calculator, puppies are expected between June 9th and the 13th.

With puppies arriving and a full schedule of school work it will be a very busy summer here.  Bianca is an excellent and attentive mother so she will do a lot of the work, but I will need to keep a close eye on them, especially in the first few weeks.  That means they will take up residence in my office so I can be both student and puppy watcher all in one.  In fact, I will be sleeping right next to them on the futon!

Check back for updates on the expected puppies!

Yorick and Bianca

To find out more about becoming a knowledgeable owner of a Rosewood puppy, click here.


Rose’s Dog Blog–Yorick meets Bianca

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I had a visit from Bianca and Jorie, on their way to have Thanksgiving with Jorie’s son Brett who is a student in Washington DC. The last time Bianca and Yorick met, Yorick was a fuzzy puppy.

Yorick and Bianca in November, 2010

This time, the two dogs lost no time re-establishing their relationship, and Bianca made some coy older-woman promises to this handsome adolescent about things she could teach him later!

If all goes well, the two will have a litter next Spring. Check back for more details!

Racing through the front lawn.

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving

Hello, and good-bye

Hello, and good-bye

The party is over, the house is empty, the farewells have been said and the tears have been cried. The laundry room is empty: no more ragged old towels litter the floor, the puppy toys are stashed, the bowls washed and the washing machine and dryer silent after their heroic efforts to supply the puppies with clean bedding each day. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppy Play

Cecily -- clean, for once

Cecily -- clean, for once

Water is not only for drinking. Bianca’s puppies have discovered that bit of knowledge in the past couple of days and have had no end of fun doing so. Unfortunately water-play in the house is quite messy and when you add food (which is not simply eaten but is sort of worn full-face) and yard dirt to fuzzy fur … well, needless to say I have happy, dirty puppies. Surface wiping removes … well … surface dirt, and on a day-to-day basis that works, but before each puppy meets his/her new parents, each will get a bath, blow-dry and brushing. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppy Play

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppy “Leavings”

... like Christmas wrapping paper

... like Christmas wrapping paper

In the past I have shared pictures and stories about how Bianca’s puppies have changed my house and my life. As you know, over the weeks the puppy command center has morphed from a large plastic tub in my office to free range of the laundry room floor, and my duties have changed from constant vigilance to general supervision and meal service. My biggest challenge currently however, is keeping up with the … umm … how should I say this? … umm, how about … puppy leavings? Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppy “Leavings”

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Happy New Year!

Home Crate

Home Crate

When one chooses to love, one also chooses by default, to let go. That is the inconvenient detail, the fine print that seems so inconsequential in the beginning and so ominous in the end.  It is almost time for me to let go; Bianca’s puppies have reached six weeks of age and in two weeks they will be going to their new homes. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Happy New Year!

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Christmas

Five and a half weeks old now

Puppy eyes

The house still carries the afterglow of a wonderful Christmas spent with friends.  A tiny tree all sparkled with lights and silver ribbons sits on the fireplace mantel, the dining table is set with candles in brass holders and an evergreen swag welcomes visitors at the front door.  I chose a simple celebration this year, but the joy lingers even after the holiday.  And as I look around I realize what a fortunate person I am. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Christmas

Jorie’s Dog Blog-On The Move



One of the delights of my childhood was being snowbound.  I grew up in northern Ohio in a tiny village of lake cottages that hugged the shore of Lake Erie.  Winters were long and snowy and it was an unusual winter indeed that did not produce at least one snowbound episode to delight us children and frustrate the adults.  What a delicious feeling it was to be cut off entirely from the world, save the old party line phone, for a few days.  Silenced in a blanket of snow, life turned inward and mandated that we do other things that had been put on shelves and in the backs of closets in the rush of daily routine. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-On The Move

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Change

Cassiopeia-15 days old

Cassiopeia-15 days old

Cecily-15 days old

Cecily-15 days old

My office has become the puppy command center these days. If I can manage to keep the clutter off my desk I can spy on the puppies in their puppy palace box through the desk’s glass top. The puppy palace is then neatly nestled, wall-to-wall between the desk and the open futon … my current “watchful mother” sleeping accommodations. In other words, style has given way to function.

For those of you who are old pros at raising puppies, the push-pull between style and function is familiar territory. Taking a puppy into your home is very much like having a new baby. Kiddy gates go into doorways, the timer warns that it is time for a puppy pit stop rain or shine and the stylish accessories are placed out of harm’s way. Thank goodness puppies grow into more “civilized” adults and the household can get back to a more normal state. But change remains. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Change

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Born

At around 1:30 I heard the unmistakable cry of a newborn puppy and found that Bianca had quietly and secretly settled herself on the comforter in Ochie’s kennel and had given birth to her first puppy. Quickly I pulled out the birthing equipment, stationed it in the living room where there would be plenty of room and placed mama and baby in the birthing tub. With a gentle push, Bianca birthed puppy #2…another boy…and by around 4:00 she had added five more for a total of seven beautiful puppies…three boys and four girls.

Cato, born second

I realize that the old saying about “the miracle of birth” is just that…old and trite. But if those words are stale and over-used, I am feeling compelled to find others that I can use to tell you about the emotional “high” I attained by watching this amazing process. I have watched piglets, lambs, calves, puppies, kittens and human babies being born on many occasions, but that does not blunt the sharp awe and excitement I again felt as Bianca’s puppies were born one after the other. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Born