Elsie Bio and Pedigree

Elsie, right side, 2009


Elsie, left profile, two years.


Taga’s Weika, Lady Elsinore, AKA Elsie, was born on Halloween 2001. Small and feisty, she’s always up for a long exploration in the woods, or some other activity. Smart, sweet, and protective, she is patiently indulgent with youngsters while keeping a sharp look out for the mail carrier or any other threatening intruder!

Elsie was spayed in January 2011. She had two litters and seven puppies during her reproductive years. Relieved of the duties of mothering, she is happily living out her retirement with her family in Boston. She looks forward to getting better acquainted with all that exciting agility equipment she’s played with before!

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Taga’s Weike, Lady Elsinore

AKC Reg. No. SR36052701

DOB October 31, 2001

Elsie, two years

Sire: Tea’ Land’s Mowgli Don’ Kit

S: Taga’s Gordon 16177/96Sire: Corak Urjette v. Muskyteira 12360/93
D: Franziska De Princespioen 2477/88
D: Lonniland’s Tea’Kit Mc-Twire 11779/96S: Fantwire 17895/92
D: Thierra Yalinke V. Muskyteira 02337/89
Dam: Taga’s Chiquita

S: Quiz Byondra V. Muskyteira 00792/96S: Wolf Uit ‘T Wilgenbosch
D: Byondra Sabrina V. Muskyteira
D: Taga’s Debbie 25405/95Sire: Corak Urjette v. Muskyteira 12360/93
D: Taga’s Abby Of Rakker 00243/89